Where are the cheapest places to travel right now for you?

Sometimes you suddenly get a few days off and have no idea how to spend them. The trick is today you can go anywhere you want and planning the entire trip will only take an hour of online research. And money is not a problem. Although vacation is definitely an expensive thing that can shake up your budget a little bit, but if the destination is selected sensibly, then you can surely save a good amount of money.
cheapest places to travel now

Going on vacation does not have to be expensive. In fact, if you choose your destination correctly, you will be able to enjoy your holiday without spending any more money than you would pay for an average weekend.

If you are in the mood for a great vacation that will not leave you broke, consider the following best and cheapest places to travel right now. There are many places that are quite affordable and also offer relaxing and enjoyable vacation. Here are some of the cheapest places to travel right now.

Let’s start with Europe! If you are fond of German cuisine, like beer and want to save a few bucks, Berlin is your perfect choice. It has held the title of the most low-cost capital of Europe for nearly two decades. Your next stop is Portugal, because Lisbon is cheap, but Porto puts the capital of Portugal to shame, especially if you go during the off-season. You can find great accommodation in Porto for about $ 15 a night and a superb lunch of seafood for $ 5. Cheap tours to local wine cellars (with tastings) and the most beautiful vineyards in the world will make your vacation amazing.
Hungary is located in Central Europe and is really beautiful with all its amazing architecture and is surely a cheap destination for your vacation plans. There are many hostels and B&Bs that offer cheap accommodation. In addition, the public transport system is nice, so you do not have to wait for taxis. Just do not forget to taste the world famous wine available here.

The most famous, popular and cheap place to travel right now is Thailand. Bangkok has long been regarded as the destination for a traveler to live like a prince without breaking the bank, providing easy access to all pleasures you could ever want in a good deal. If you are interested in getting an authentic Thai experience, then you should choose a traveler-friendly corner of Thailand, Chiang Mai.
chiang mai
If you are interested in natural beauty, great wines and outstanding steaks, then surely Argentina is an ideal destination for your vacation, because this is one of the most affordable vacation spots. It is a very beautiful country and Buenos Aires attracts tourists from all over the world, striking the right chord between the exotic and the familiar. At this time, the exchange rate of the US dollar is high, so you will surely get great value for your money.

You do not always need to travel abroad to put your mind at rest, get your thoughts straight and rewire your perspective on the world. Visiting the West Coast could be as great as visiting Berlin or you can spend a few days at the cabin in Central Pennsylvania. The choice is yours, but it is very easy to find many cheap places to travel right now for you, if you know where to look for!
costa rica beach
Costa Rica is widely known for its pristine beaches, friendly people and perfect weather. This really is an ideal destination for those who are eager to save some money during their vacation. You will able to find anything you want in this country.

Some other cheap places to travel right now that provide a good value for your money are Honduras and Guatemala for an exotic vacation, the Mentawai Islands for surfing, Poland and Croatia in Europe.