Top Places to Visit in Upstate New York During Winter

Upstate New York is an excellent choice for those seeking a romantic and vacation spot during the winter season. This region is known for its beautiful lakes and breathtaking waterfalls. The most famous of these are the Finger Lakes – a group of eleven lakes that, as the name suggests, are linear in shape. The area around Finger Lakes is a natural paradise in winter, filled with oak forests, walnut, ash and hemlock trees. Whether you like ice fishing and hunting or skiing and snowmobiling you will have a lot of fun in the Finger Lakes during your vacation. Also the largest amount of wine in the US is produced in the Finger Lakes region, so you can visit some of their famous wineries for wine tasting.

The Upstate New York region is considered a tourist paradise with millions of tourists who visit it each year. The grandiose Niagara Falls located on the US-Canadian border, mountain ranges like the Adirondack Mountains and the Catskill Mountains, Finger Lakes with fine dining, wineries, numerous outdoor activities – you will easily find a perfect destination for your winter vacation.

Upstate New York During Winter

Niagara Falls – one of the best places to visit in upstate New York during winter. Whether you choose to start The Journey Behind the Falls, going through the tunnel, or go to Niagara Falls’ Butterfly Conservatory to look at these delicate and magnificent creatures, you will find many things to see and do here. Visiting Niagara Falls in winter, you will discover a new dimension of beauty and can take a helicopter trip to enjoy it.

Lake Ontario is a favorite holiday spot for people throughout New York and the rest of the country in winter, because it does not freeze. This lake is an ecological wonder with different zones from dunes to rocky cliffs. In addition to all the water activities and sports that this lake offers there is The New York State Seaway Trail nearby.

A few days spent in Harriman State Park will make you understand why this is one of the best places to visit in upstate New York during winter, just put on your snowshoes. Whether you are aiming for adventure or peaceful holiday, Harriman State Park is at your service. There are about three hundred miles of hiking and horse trails that the Park offers.

Harriman State Park

The Catskill Mountains are popular among newyorkers and guests of the state, because this place combines wilderness and comfort. It is known for beautiful mountain scenery and a wide variety of activities regardless of the season or the weather. Climbing peaks or skiing, ice fishing or hunting, hiking, relaxing and much more are all reasons why this region is one of the best tourist destinations.

Often called the Grand Canyon of the East, Ausable Chasm includes rivers, gorges, trails, unique rock formations and majestic vistas. Opened about 150 years ago, this is one of the most amazing natural attractions found in the world.

With millions of acres of beautiful forests nestled in the mountains, Adirondack National Forest offers you a chance to feel the nature in its primeval state. Bubbling streams, serene glades and numerous waterfalls create a landscape that is unforgettable. The abundance of wildlife and plants in the area just add to the beauty and tranquility of the primary forest.

Adirondack Park

Letchworth Park is one of the top five places to visit in upstate New York in winter for a number of reasons. There are trails for cross-country skiing, hiking, horse riding, biking among beautiful rivers, streams and waterfalls. Enjoy this piece of paradise from a hot air balloon.

Thousand Islands are one of the most popular tourist destinations in the entire state of New York. It is impossible not to come to the Singer Castle with labyrinthine architecture and secret doors, an original castle built by the owner of the Singer Sewing Company on Dark Island. Only guided tours are available, because you can get lost, but it is a very interesting place to visit in upstate New York during winter.