The world’s most romantic hotels: how to find a perfect getaway

If you plan a holiday with the romantic atmosphere and appropriate fee, there are three world’s most romantic hotels. From beach resorts to city hotels, these places are famous to be awesome places for romance.

Turtle Beach Bungalows

This is a wonderful place at Christophe Harbour, luxury residential resort located on St. Kitts in the Caribbean Leeward Islands. Four pavilions with a variety of ornaments and sculptures spread along the quiet dunes of St. Kitts. In the bungalow there is a swimming pool with terrace directly to the sea. In this place you will feel very “private”, as in the safest secret place. A romantic weekend in one of the world’s most romantic hotels is almost the best way to express love and appreciation.

Shangri-La Hotel Paris

Paris is known for its many romantic and luxurious hotels. One if the most popular is Shangri-La Hotel Paris. At first Shangri-La Hotel Paris was built for Napolean’s grandnephew, Prince Roland Bonaparte, who resides at the hotel from 1896 until end 1924. Since then Pierr-Yves Rochon created 45 luxury apartments.

You and your loved one will get the best view of the Eifel Tower and enjoy perfect French cuisine in exquisite environment. After your meal, you can walk in the charming Le Bar, where fine and divine cocktails are mixed.

Ranch at Rock Creek

Do you look for a guest ranch that offers wide open spaces and excellent service? You will find the perfect place in Philipsburg, Montana. While driving a few minutes of Missoula International Airport, you will be served with the view of The Ranch at Rock Creek, located on over 2500 hectares of green wildflower meadows and rolling foothills. If you want to experience the romance of “true West” without sacrificing your comfort then this is the best choice.

Though everyone has their own definition of romance, some trends are eternal. Choose one of the world’s most romantic hotels and make your holiday wonderful!