Prom planning: hotel rooms for prom, dresses, transport and other things to consider

We all know that prom requires much planning and preparation. Although plans for prom can seem more important than studying for a test and other activities that does not mean the prom planning has to stress you out. The best strategy is to start early and stay organized. Before prom night you have to think about hotel rooms for prom, dresses, transport, makeup and so on.

How to plan in advance

It is wise to take care of prom planning early because it is a probability that other schools in your city will celebrate the same weekend as you, and things like limousines and hotel rooms for prom are not infinite. For a dress or hotel you want, you must act in advance.

The first stage

Choose a prom group and discuss the plan with this group, because it is important to get included in early before all the arrangements are made. Shopping is almost the first stage of planning if you decide to do something custom or choose a dress that does not fit right and you need it modified. If you rent a limo, call to different companies and decide which will fit your budget, then go ahead and make a reservation. A place for after-party is usually the most costly point of your prom planning. That’s why, you should think about booking a hotel room in the first part planning your prom.

The second stage

Make a hair and makeup appointment early and consider that all the other senior girls in the city will be compete for that ideal appointment time. Make sure your date has ordered the corsage and the color and style of the corsage match your dress. Also if you plan pedicure, eyebrow waxes, facial, do it a few days before the prom night. If something goes wrong, you will have enough time to fix all problems such as redness.