Everything you need to know looking for hotel rooms for parties

October 9, 2012 at 8:03 am

Finding the perfect hotel rooms for parties should not be a challenge. There are many potential sites out there suitable for the parties, but locating one that suits your exact needs can take some time.

First, it helps if you define what type of party you’re planning. Whether for a birthday, wedding or any other type of event, you must decide the size of hotel rooms for parties and facilities you need.

Food and catering: how to plan

The first point of your plan should be food and catering. The cheapest option is usually set your own food, but not all hotels allow this. In addition, catering for 50 people can be a challenge in itself, and it will probably take several days of preparation and hard work that day.

bar in the room

Outside caterers are a suitable option, but again, not all the places allow them. They vary from fairly simple buffet deliveries to full catering services.

Finally, several party venues, including hotels, have their own catering services that can handle anything from a cocktail to a 5-course dinner. It is often the most costly choice, but also tends to be the best in terms of quality food and service.

Fun and interesting entertainment

party intertainment
It’s a bit easier, but most bands and artists will need to know what kind of sound system installations are available. Some, like bands and mobile discos, usually bring everything with them, while others, such as magicians, will require a sound system to be accessible.

Be aware of the restrictions as some venues are not authorized to music after a while, or maybe even have volume sensors to cut sound system if it becomes too strong.

Do you need a bar?

Many sites include a licensed bar. The organizer will determine if the guests have to pay for their own drinks, or if the cost is added to the rental of premises.