Take a respite in a Hotel room for a couple of hours

Cheap and common hourly rate hotels are available in abundance and are usually associated with romantic adventures. However, a person can also look out for a Hotel room for a couple of hours, for other reasons too.

Who is in need of hourly rate hotels?

So, one of the revolutionary ideas in the hotel industry is to use all those empty rooms and fill them for a couple of hours with people looking for a respite, a spruce up or something else. As it is, you may need a Hotel room for a couple of hours if your flight is delayed a few hours, or, if you get to a city and you have only a few hours there. Actually, just a couple of hours in bed may be quite enough to replenish your energy.

Don’t set your expectations too high

When you are looking for this accommodation option, consider that a cheap price hotel can have quite low standards. So do not expect much in terms of quality or service. In fact, since many hourly rate hotels are located near airports this type of accommodation works as a perfect respite for those who want to sleep for a while, because they have their flight delayed for several hours. The cost may vary from $ 49 for three hours to $ 73 for three hours. A room with a jacuzzi and other amenities will cost more.

Of course, consider that hourly rate hotels are not suitable to stay with your family, but certainly give a breather from the troubles of a delayed flight, an interview visit and so on.

Four hours might not be enough to explore the mini-bar or to enjoy some time in the jacuzzi. But then this could be a great and money-saving idea for Valentine’s Day. Even if you can not afford a night in a luxurious hotel, you still can pamper your beloved with a few hours in a chic room?