Dog friendly hotels with kennels: what you need to know

Sometimes you just do not want to leave your pet alone when you go on vacation. It may be that you go to a long trip or to an exotic country, but whatever the reason, you will need to look for dog friendly hotels with kennels. Such hotels are a wonderful option for the pet owner, but you also want to know how to care for your pet while it stays there, so you can ensure that you will be allowed to continue staying in these hotels.

What options are available?

It should go without saying that you want to know where dog friendly hotels with kennels are located before you on your journey. Look through the travel sites for tips on finding pet friendly hotels or ask other pet lovers to find out what their favorite pet friendly hotels are. But the most important thing to do when preparing for your trip is to call the hotel in advance. Remember that conditions can change, so you want a confirmation before you stay in the hotel.

How to stay with your pet

Consider that just because some hotels are pet friendly they will not simply allow to leave your pet in the room as a guest. There are probably additional costs for pet and security deposits involved. Even the friendliest of hotels will frown upon you if your pet becomes a problem. There are ways to mitigate this problem, including bringing blankets for your dog from home to sleep so he or she has something familiar.

Can your pet travel?

One of the most important factors when traveling with pets is to make sure your pet is able to travel at all. If your four-legged friend has problems at short car rides or behavioral problems in unfamiliar environments, it would be better to leave your pet at your local boarding kennel.