Are you looking for the best place to travel in March?

March is almost here and it is this time of the year when you need to take a deep breath and get the energy for the whole year. You may be planning a spring break for your kids, a romantic getaway for your beloved one, even a honeymoon or just look for a place to get your thoughts straight. And you need to find the best place to travel in march to make your vacation perfect.

You may never realized it, but March is perfect for a vacation. The crowd is thinner, resort rates are lower, airfares to these destinations are lower and commodities also cost much lower. Your only task is to choose the best place to travel in march.


If you want to go to the mountains, they are likely to be less crowded compared to winter holidays and if it happens to be the ski resort, it will be better than it is in the ski peak meaning that you get more time skiing and snow is also more manageable. At this time there are specific activities targeting non-skiers such as sleigh rides and training courses.

First of all, you may wonder if this is a good time to travel or you should better stay at home. The good news is March is a great month to travel for various reasons. Prices are low; this year there is even more reason to rejoice, as the price ratios are expected to be even lower by about 15-20% compared to the spring last year. This means a traveler can visit places that were beyond the budget in the winter season or even during the spring last year. Also the weather is almost perfect; it is not too cold and not too hot like the threat of three-digit summers. It is beautiful and sunny, perfect for spending time outdoors as indoors.

place to visit in march

There are some destinations that are at their best in spring like Ireland because it is greener this time, thanks to the frequent rains in winters. The view in countryside is eye-catching, remarkable and worth seeing. The best places to travel in march are supported by cherry blossom like Washington DC or Kyoto, Japan. This is the time of flowering so that the botanical gardens and even parks are worth a visit to enjoy the incredible beauty and amazing colors.

Golf destinations are an excellent choice because you can spend hours on the golf course. Ranch resorts are another good destination for outdoor vacation where you can go horse riding, kayaking, enjoying picnics outside.

It is possible to have a great honeymoon even on a tight budget, for example, to a destination where it is off-season. Whenever you have your wedding, you can find a perfect and inexpensive spot for you two. Australia is a great place for a honeymoon in March. Spring is the best time out of season in the southern hemisphere since it is their fall.

Lao May in East-Northern Coast

There are a number of romantic destinations in Europe and best places to travel in march, not necessarily for a honeymoon. The high season for Europe is from June to August, when the beaches and cities are packed. Europeans get a minimum of six weeks of vacation per year, and they travel in the summer. So in March you will have Europe all for yourself!

If you intend to take the children to the theme park in the spring, it is a great idea, because the crowd is much smaller compared to the summer and the weather is good to be outside.

Some cities have special celebrations in March, so it is the right time to get there and be a part of the culture and traditions as in Rome, where Holy Week is celebrated in March before Easter in April with many other events.