The benefits of airport hotels with parking

November 5, 2012 at 12:18 pm

They rarely have four or five stars, the facilities are only basic and their biggest selling point is the convenient location. In short, airport hotels with parking are not trying to compete with their larger and more luxury counterparts. That said, there are many advantages these places offer travelers.

Free parking

hotel room
As many people travel to the airport by car it is recommended to find airport hotels with parking. Making a reservation in such a hotel can be cheaper than just booking airport parking. Such an airport hotel is a good opportunity for anyone from a business traveler to families on vacation to get a comfortable rest in a well-equipped room before or after a long flight.

Perfect business suites

Business travelers feel that these places are suitable for their needs. You can easily get a fast Internet access, fax capability and hotels often provide very detailed receipts for the accounting department.

airport hotel room

Since they are so close to the airport, you don’t need to rent a car, especially since a shuttle handles guest pickup and drop offs. For the traveler on holiday weekends, this can result in huge savings, especially if he / she is brave enough to work on transit options. If you are a regular traveler, the fact that these hotel chains offer generous reward options for loyal customers can make these stays very cost-effective.

Your comfortable rest

beautiful hotel
Airport hotels have become a very popular option for those vacationers who leave early or return late at night. Some of these hotels are located near the airport terminal and have direct access to the airport. Other airport hotels are easily accessible by bus or car transfer.

The best feature of airport hotels is that this accommodation is within the airport itself and you can quickly reach the flight in case of an emergency.