Recently, the demand for hotels has seen a sudden increase, the two main reasons being the economic integration of the world and the growing interest in tourism. There are different types of hotels to choose according to your interest and budget. Hotels are arranged in groups keeping the location and style in mind and each group has its own clientele.

The star system is used to organize the hotels holding facilities and services. Luxuries on offer and the number of stars are in direct proportion and more is this number more are the services promised by the hotel. Each type of hotels is classified. If a budget hotel would evolve into a star hotel, the journey is long and difficult because it needs more services, space and money.

Popular types of classifications of hotels by the hotel industry are:

  • Budget hotels
  • Airport hotels
  • Resort hotels
  • Casino hotels
  • Commercial hotels
  • Luxury Hotels
  • Boutique Hotels
  • Romantic Hotels

Budget hotels

These hotels are a popular choice when you look for economy stay with limited amenities for reasonable prices. These hotels are located not far from popular sights. The downside is that these hotels do not have on-site restaurants. The best offer you can get is a continental breakfast.

Airport hotels

It is obvious that these hotels are located near airports. The rooms are clean and carefully designed. As usual airport hotels offer free shuttle back and forth from the airport. Business travelers very often choose airport hotels as they can save time and money on the cost of travel.

Resort hotels

Going on a family holiday, people prefer resort hotels. These sites are so popular among families because they have fun and relaxation facilities. Some of the services the resort hotels offer include a fitness center, spa, jacuzzi, kids room, mini-golf, tennis courts, babysitting services, pool bar and even beaches. Due to the number of luxury amenities offered, resort hotels have the highest rating as usual.

Casino hotels

Visitors who love the game prefer casino hotels on the other groups. Most casino hotels often offer free stay or a meal if you spend a certain amount of money or the prescribed hours in the casino. Casino hotels always have luxury services such as restaurant, swimming pool, fitness center, spa, shops inside. But guests are attracted by the nightlife in these hotels. You can find dance clubs, shows or actors in the scene here to keep customers entertained.

Commercial hotels

If you go on a business trip you want very likely to stay in a business hotel because of the business services and facilities offered. There are several conference rooms and banquet facilities to host conventions and conferences. Most of these hotels have a conference room, projector, Internet connection for ease of commercial customers. Commercial hotels are mostly located in the center and have multi-cuisine on-site restaurants.

Luxury hotels

Even if vacations at a resort are a great experience when you stay at one of the finest luxury hotels, you will find that this will be an experience you’ll never forget. Choosing a luxury hotel, travelers know they are getting the absolute best in service and style for their money, and with amenities and features, including cocktail bars and a personal butler. If you worry about high expense, then consider that many top luxury hotels present discount offers in order to attract customers. There is no better place to stay when you are away from home.

Luxury hotels offer concierge services you can use to make reservations for theater, concert tickets or dinner reservations. This option is useful when you have a list of planned activities to cover during your trip.

Boutique hotels

These hotels offer luxury facilities of varying size with full service accommodation. Typically boutique hotels are decorated in a themed and elegant way. Boutique hotels are often targeted to individuals and offer their services in a comfortable, intimate and welcoming atmosphere, so they excel among the homogeneity of large hotel. Many boutique hotels have beautiful gardens and fountains that are just spectacular to watch. So, during your stay, you may be able to sit and relax in the garden to delight natural abundance and joy. Boutique hotels suit for everyone.

Romantic hotels

If you plan celebrating a special anniversary, make a wonderful gift, or just want to say how much you care, then you should choose one of romantic hotels. Though such places are very popular in Valentine’s Day, you can have a romantic weekend with your loved one away from the crowd anytime. There are different romantic hotels, so you can stay in a seaside hotel or in a castle hotel.

The advent of the Internet has made our everyday life easier and it is possible to find the best hotels online. But before you make reservations, compare prices and services you want to get. And before you pay for the room, do not forget to check on the cancellation and return policy of the hotel.